A bone-rattling NFT collection

Powered by Scrypto and the Radix Engine ✅

Inspired by CryptoSkulls 🙏

🔭 Aim

SCRYPTOSKULLS is building a community that is looking to revolutionize the NFT scene. With the power of the Radix ledger, and the artistic prowess of our team (consisting of several multi-talented coders, graphical artists, and musicians), SCRYPTOSKULLS is more than just some images.

As we are working on creating new skull features, as well as improving the process of generating skulls, any of the skull designs may improve. We are always open to community feedback!

This is a preview of the NFT collection.

💎 Qualities

The SCRYPTOSKULLS collection consists of 10 000 unique skulls, each with their own set of attributes — some blue and sad, others cool and rad. The skulls rock unique colors, hats, hairstyles, glasses, mustaches, beards, and so much more... Some even have heterogenous features, such as mis-matched bones!

40 hand-made SCRYPTOSKULLS, referred to as Legendary Skulls, will be randomly distributed among all the skulls.

Additionally, ten non-pixel-art SCRYPTOSKULLS , referred to as Mythic Skulls, will be released. Half of the Mythic Skulls will be acquired at random, through the minting process. The other half of the Mythic Skulls are reserved for community-based challenges, such as skull hunts.

💀 Acquisition

So you have decided to acquire some SCRYPTOSKULLS? We don't blame you — the FOMO is real.

  1. Set up your own Radix Wallet, if you don't already have one!
  2. Load up your wallet with $XRD, if you haven't already done so!
  3. Send 50 XRD multiplied by the amount of skulls you wish to reserve to the following adress:
  4. Receive your $SKULLS token(s).
  5. Connect with the SCRYPTOSKULLS community where we host events, and weekly airdrops until Xi'an goes live! Maybe you'll be able to earn back your investment?
  6. Keep calm & consoom calcium 🥛 (thank, Mr. Skeltal), while waiting for Babylon to go live!
  7. Redeem your $SKULLS token(s) for the SCRYPTOSKULLS NFTs!

If you are new to Radix, feel free to join our Discord and ask us anything!

🗺 Roadmap

    ✅ 0% sales — Full focus on marketing & building 🔨

    🔳 10% sales — 1000 XRD to one randomly chosen $SKULLS hodler

    🔳 25% sales — First Mythic Skull hunt

    🔳 50% sales — Second Mythic Skull hunt

    🔳 75% sales — 25 000 XRD donation to bone-related medicinal research (e.g. osteoporosis, arthritis, etc. based on $SKULLS hodler vote)

    🔳 90% sales — Third Mythic Skull hunt

    🔳 100% sales — A celebration with a fun surprise 🥳

    The roadmap is susceptible to minor changes, such as rearrangements, or additions.
    All changes require a majority vote from the $SKULLS hodlers.


When will SCRYPTOSKULLS be available for reservation?

We are working together with Radix Panda 🐼 to bring you a smooth, fully automated, reservation process. There are still some kinks being figured out, but reservations will go live before the end of February.

How is this project different from the Ethereum CryptoSkulls?

The SCRYPTOSKULLS rock new colors, hairstyles, facial hair, accessories (such as hats, glasses, and jewelry), backgrounds (other than solid colors), and more. Some skulls even have mis-matched eyes or bones!

The SCRYPTOSKULLS have mustaches and beards that match the hairstyle colors, but we're unsure whether to include these traits or not, so there will be community votes to determine that.

The 24x24 resolution does unfortunately not allow too much customization (i.e. something like jewelry is very difficult to make), but we're pushing it to the limits.

Beyond the ten Mythic Skulls that won't be pixel-art, there will be 40 Legendary hand-drawn pixel-art skulls, randomly distributed among the rest of the skulls.

The skull hunting may be the most unique feature of SCRYPTOSKULLS. These include puzzles to solve and games to beat in order to earn clues that unlock Mythic Skulls.

We don't want to end up making decisions that contradict to the community's demand, so stay on the lookout for many polls on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram!

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